March 12, 2017

I bought three of these through Stagecoach West at the Equine Affaire. We absolutely LOVE them. The nutritionist; Juliet Getty sold us on the benefits of free grazing our horses, but it is very difficult to do on our budget, Enter the E-Z Hay Feeders which makes it much more possible. They take approx 2 hours to eat their allotments vs 45 minutes! Their personalities have changed for the better, and one fellow is no longer showing signs of ulcers. And best of all, we’re not headed for the poor house! Hopefully you can use the above testimonial for your reviews. Unfortunately, the other reason for my correspondence is to report that two of our boxes have one or more broken off edges. This makes for a potential hazard that I’d prefer not to have to fix with duck tape within 3 – 4 months of purchase. I’m relieved to read of the 6 month warranty. Please call or email me with instructions how to follow up on this situation.

Thanks so much, Margaret

Margret Campbell

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