May 30, 2013

We live on 50 acres of rich river-bottom land that produces about 100 round bales every 3-4 weeks. Ironically my horses get laminitis if I let them out on it, so I have to purchase square bales of coastal and keep them dry lotted. The EZ feeders are the
best way I have found to keep them from just wasting hay and yet they are easy enough for me to ask my care-taker to fill. My 8 feeders have lasted for about 2 years of constant use with 2 horses and the only problem I have is that after this much use many
of the clip holes have broken through and 2 of the caribeaner clips have broken. I found that I could tie ropes around through the holes in the 2 sides of the cage to fix one feeder and clip it with a climbing caribeaner from REI. EZ feeders are well worth
the money – It would be good if you could figure out another way to clip them if the top 4 holes break through.

Judy Crawford