Is the Health EZ Hay Feeder “Horse Tough”?

Watch our stress test video!

We have performed multiple stress tests on the hay feeder at the factory and at our own farm, and feel certain the product is horse tough. Spring clip acts as a safety release! Straightens out at 250 pounds of pressure. We wanted the spring snap to break first because it costs $2-$3 to replace! Hay Feeder breaks, it costs $40 to replace! Horse irreplaceable!

Is there a Warranty on the Health EZ Hay Feeder?

Health EZ™ guarantees the workmanship and materials on each Health EZ™ Hay Feeder for six months from date of purchase.

Health EZ™ will replace any damaged Health EZ™ Hay Feeder within six months of purchase, with a valid receipt.

HealthEZ™ would also appreciate photos of the damaged product to assist our Research and Development department.

What are the Health EZ Hay Feeder’s Specifications?

The dimensions when the product is assembled are 13″x19.25″x23.5″, and weighs 6lbs.
The slots of the feeder are 4″x8″, smaller than a double 00 horseshoe (one of the smallest horseshoes on the market), yet large enough for easy access of a horse’s muzzle.

Do we ship to other countries?

Please use our Find A Retailer page for locating retailers in and outside the U.S..

Can I buy Health EZ Hay Feeders in large quantity?

Yes. Contact us at (877) 411-4429 or through our reseller form for large orders.

How many flakes of hay does the Health EZ Hay Feeder hold?

The HealthEz Hay Feeder holds approximately 13″ of hay (3 to 5 flakes) depending on the type of hay and size of flakes. Generally speaking it holds about a 1/3 of a square bale (2 string).

Where can I buy the Health EZ Hay Feeder?

Please visit our Find A Retailer page to find retailers located nearest to you.