Advantages of the Health E-Z Hay Feeder:

Slows down Hay consumption for better digestion, replicating Nature’s way of slow grazing. Keeps your horse occupied with getting the hay out, resulting in less boredom. With openings on all sides, your horse can always reach the hay, no matter how he turns it.

Safety Features

Can be hung lower to the ground to encourage natural equine eating habits that improve your horse’s respiratory system. The rounded edges of the Health EZ Hay Feeder create a safety-oriented horse feeder. No more rope burns! The oval openings are designed with the horse’s muzzle in mind – smooth and just wide enough to fit the nose through.

Easy to fill while still hanging on the wall of the stall or trailer. Handles allow the Health EZ Hay Feeder to be carried and hung most anywhere: in a stall, on a trailer, on the corral fence or paddock. Comes with 3/8″ rope and snap for easy use and hanging.

Saves enough on hay, bedding and labor to pay for itself very quickly. Solid top keeps the rain and snow off the hay. Solid bottom keeps the flakes of hay in the feeder and off the stall floor or ground. Slows consumption for better digestion, reduces boredom, wood chewing and gastric ulcers. E Z to load and hang anywhere. Comes with 3/8″ rope and snap for hanging your horse feeder, Made in the USA.

Stall cleaning is easier and faster with less hay to pick up and throw away. Less mixing of hay and bedding! The functional design catches smaller pieces of hay in the bottom instead of falling to the ground, resulting in less waste and loss.

Soak your hay to remove excess carbohydrates. Unlike traditional Hay Nets and Hay Bags the Health Ez Hay Feeder is made with FDA Approved Plastic so it won’t mildew, nor will it trap grit and grime! It also has its own structure, so it is easy to carry when wet.