Primary Features and Benefits

  • Superior alternative to conventional hay feeding methods
  • Saves money – design minimizes hay waste and loss
  • Unique design captures smaller pieces of hay in the bottom, where they are eventually consumed.
  • Because hay stays off ground and in the Hay Feeder, there is less mixing of hay with bedding and manure, facilitating stall cleaning.
  • Integral handles make it very easy to lift, carry and hang – wherever you feed hay to horses.
  • Easy to refill – even while hanging in stall, paddock, trailer or picket line.
  • Adjustable hanging postion encourages natural neck grazing postion and maximizes respiratory health.
  • Keeps hay off of the ground, reducing the incidence of sand colic.
  • Slows consumption with smaller bites; Nature’s way of improving digetstion.
  • More convenient than ever to soak hay – Load, dunk and drain!
  • Hay accessible from all 4 sides; works as a great boredom buster!
  • Suitable for all grazing animals!

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