The Safest!

  • Break-away caribeaner or snap acts as a safety release to protect your animals
  • Smooth rounded thick edges prevent cuts and irritation to skin
  • Slow feeder – small 4” portals slows consumption; Nature’s way of grazing improves digestion
  • Reduces ingestion of microorganisms and parasites; reduces incidence of sand colic as well as ammonia inhalation because hay stays in feeder and off the ground
  • Most convenient to soak hay – Load, Dunk & Drain
  • Will not mold or rot, easy to clean and sanitize – use soap, detergent, or disinfectant and rinse
  • Designed to hang and swing freely. The feeder encourages natural neck grazing position, which maximizes respiratory health, reduces improper molar
  • wear,

  • and facilitates correct neck muscular development
  • Hay accessible from all sides keeps one or several horses entertained for hours – Great boredom buster

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